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  • Date: Nov 22, 2016
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Free Download MetaX for Windows 2.57

MetaX for Windows is a meta-data tagger for MP4 files and their derivatives, as well as QuickTime movie files. The meta-data will be displayed in iTunes, Apple Front Row and the Apple TV. It allows you to search for information on the internet and then write that information into the file.

It can also be used in conjunction with MovieLibrary, which creates a database of all your movies which can be searched and the search results printed with varying levels of detail. When you tag a movie with MetaX, it can automatically keep your MovieLibrary up to date.

If you own an Apple TV, you can use iTunesWatcher to keep your Apple TV synchronized.

1. Get Movie Info Automatically
MetaX will read any metadata information that is in the file, but it also makes it easy to search for information on the Internet.

2. Archive & Presets
When you want to tag a number of episodes of a TV series (or any set of files that share a lot of the same information) you can use the Preset facility.

3. MovieLibrary
MovieLibrary is a companion program to MetaX that creates a database of all your movies that you can search, categorize and print. MetaX will automatically update your MovieLibrary database when you tag a file.

4. Backup & Archive
MovieLibrary will backup (just copy) or archive (copy and then delete) a selection of your movies. This can be used to only copy movies that you haven't already backed up to a backup drive.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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