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MessagePoint Download
Free Download MessagePoint

MessagePoint can display any PowerPoint presentation as a Windows screen saver. At any time you can open and update the content of your presentation on the server. A great PowerPoint screen saver.

Just select a PowerPoint presentation directly and without conversion (no scr file needed). It will run this presentation as a screen saver when the system is idle.

Application capabilities
1. Use this software as your information channel on each computer in your company.
2. Inform your coworkers with news and announcements by simply using a PowerPoint presentation as screen saver.
3. Enrich your presentations with real-time news from internet in combination with our DataPoint and NewsPoint products.

After the installation you can open the "Display properties" dialog via your control panel. Set MessagePoint as your active screen saver. Click on "Settings" to specify your presentation and change further screen saver settings when applicable.

Typically in windows environments SCR files are known as screen savers. There are many other products on the market available that convert simple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into a static Windows screen saver or SCR file. The disadvantage of using simple SCR screen savers is that its content is completely static. Whenever the content of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is changed, you will have to regenerate the SCR file and redistribute it again to its users.

MessagePoint product goes much further than conventional SCR conversion programs. It allows you to select a given Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and whenever the system becomes idle it will play that presentation directly. The big advantage here is that you can change the content of the presentation at any time. No need to recompile and redistribute the screen saver file over and over.

SoftSea Editor's Note: This download is Standard Edition, meant for single users only, you can only update the content of the screen saver presentation when the screen saver is not active. Just open your selected Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and update the content or add and delete slides.

* NET Framework
* Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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