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  • Date: Dec 21, 2010
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Memory Improve Ultimate Download
Free Download Memory Improve Ultimate

Memory Improve Ultimate is powerful memory optimizer software designed to improve and monitor windows memory. It can free up wasted RAM automatically and compress system memory to make processes run faster with greater stability. It still has the ability to view and monitor data of RAM memory, paging file usage and CPU usage in real time. It is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use program.
Memory Improve Ultimate designs a recommend button for new users to operate easily. It is such a tool designed for both new users and advanced users.

Memory Improve Ultimate designs a recommend button for new users to operate easily. In addition, Memory Improve Ultimate can easily be used by both beginners and experienced users.
A. Overview tab: Indicates the physical memory status.
B. General tab: Set parameters to free memory or compress memory.
C. Advanced tab: Set parameters to run smart analyzer and tune up CPU.
D. System tab: Set settings such as visual effect and processor time to optimize system performance.
E. Processes tab: Reclaim fixed process memory or stop process.
F. Settings tab: Set configurations of Memory Improve Ultimate.
G. Reclaim button: Free memory manually.
H. Defrag button: Compress memory manually.
I. Defrag parameters: Set desired parameters for compressing memory task.
J. Memory State: Detect the system memory usage in the background, and display your current sate in real time, such as great, good, medium and bad.

1. Free memory automatically
2. Defrag parameters in the background
3. Monitor system and automatically optimize it when needed without interrupting your work
4. Display memory in real time
5. Show space of occupied paging file
6. Adjust priority of CPU allocation automatically
7. Learn user's habit constantly
8. Analyze and recognize the frequently used applications
9. Stop processes and programs or reclaim memory occupied by listed processes

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $15.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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