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Memeo AutoBackup is simple backup for a complex digital world. Files are Instantly and Automatically Protected. No need for manual or scheduled backups. Memeo AutoBackup will backup any new or changed file instantly and automatically. Once you set your backup plan you never have to look at it again.
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Use Your Existing Storage Devices. No need to buy a new storage device, backup to the storage devices that you already own. And if you don't own a storage device you can backup online to Memeo iDisk Online Storage. Learn More
Backup to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously. Create separate backup plans and choose any combination of destinations that work for you. Backup to external hard drives, another computer on your network, Memeo iDisk Online Storage, USB storage devices, or your iPod - simultaneously. Learn More

Memeo AutoBackup protects your valuable and sentimental documents. With Memeo AutoBackup, you can choose what files and folders you want to back up. You can store different types of files in different places (destinations), and you can back up one file in several places for added convenience and increased protection.
You can preserve your files in various locations according to their value and purpose, much the way you would do for your belongings: valuable items in a safety deposit box; photo albums, books, and CDs on bookshelves; and rarely-used stuff in boxes in your garage or attic. With Memeo AutoBackup, you can choose to back up items to any folder on any computer on your network, an external hard drive, a removable storage device, or a server on the Internet.

AutoBackup Remembers. If you storage device isn't connected, don't worry, Memeo's LifeAgent? Technology will keep track of new or changed files and back them up when your storage device is reconnected.

Set it up in Only 60 Seconds. In the time it takes you to order a cup of coffee you can set a backup plan to protect your photos, videos and other important files. Memeo's 3-step wizard and cutting edge technology make set up incredibly easy.

1. Back up to storage device
2. Back up online
3. One-click back up of entire C drive
4. Back up by folder and file type
5. Continuous and automatic backup
6. Automatic system throttling
7. LifeAgent technology
8. Quick 60-second set up
9. Compatible with Windows 7
10. Back up multiple file versions
11. Back up by tag name (Smart Tags)
12. Right-click to add folder to back up
13. Integrates into Windows Explorer
14. Multiple backup plans
15. Restore individual files
16. Back up multiple file versions

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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