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  • Date: Feb 16, 2012
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Media Investigator File Recovery Download
Free Download Media Investigator File Recovery 6.4

A fast, professional, easy-to-use file recovery tool allowing you to find your lost, deleted and formatted files and photos. Scan as many of your drives as you want for free! Recover/save your files from only $14.95. See what can be recovered at absolutely no cost. An option to receive our free PC Tips and Tricks newsletter is also available within Media Investigator.

Whether you've lost pictures of special moments in your friends and family's lives captured with your digital camera or accidentally deleted files on your PDA's memory card, we understand that you want file recovery software that will recover your files as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible.

Even if you can't see the pictures and files on your memory card, all the files and photos can often be recovered. Our advanced data recovery software scans your computer's hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives at a low level to find and recover your digital photos, movies and files. Whether the format is JPEG, AVI, DOC, MOV, XLS, ZIP, PDF or WAV, Media Investigator can recover them all - plus many more. (For more file types, click Why Us?)

How to Recover Your Digital Files & Photos Just Like Other Customers
In Over 40 Countries!!!
To find your files right now, simply click the Download button above for a free copy of our data recovery tool, Media Investigator. That's right, it's the full version - not a trial version. When you run Media Investigator, it will quickly scan your memory cards and drives to find any recoverable photos and files - absolutely free.

We believe that our file recovery software is the easiest, fastest and best valued solution available to recover your photos and files. But we don't expect you to simply take our word for it. Here are some other recovery options you may want to consider:

Local Photo Processing Lab - If they have a recovery tool, they may be able to recover your images but they'll often charge you an analysis fee whether they find any photos or not. If they can recover your pictures, the recovery price will be based on your card's memory size, not the number of photos they recover. The more memory your card has, the more expensive it will be to recover your photos. Costs are similar to recovery by mail.
Recovery By Mail - There are companies which you can send your memory card to and they'll also use a recovery tool like Media Investigator. Often, there won't be an analysis fee if they can't recover anything but they will charge you a recovery fee (dependent on the size of the card) and an analysis fee if they can recover your photos. Of course, there will also be postage costs and you'll have to wait for the postal system to deliver your card. We'd recommend you send your memory card with insurance since the higher capacity cards aren't exactly cheap and not something you'd want to lose in the mail. Recovering photos from a 1GB card can cost USD170.
Other Data Recovery Software - Our competitors' programs are cheaper than the previous two options but are still costly compared to Media Investigator since they cost up to $70 and you often have to pay BEFORE you can use it to know which, if any, of your files / photos they will be able to recover. With Media Investigator you can see which files on your memory cards & drives you'll be able to recover before you pay anything!
None of the above options are either as quick, as easy or as inexpensive as Media Investigator. So, why not find out what it can recover from your memory cards and drives by clicking the Download button in the top-right of the screen now?

Advanced File Recovery that's Easy to Use
Atlhough our file recovery tool, Media Investigator, uses an advanced algorithm to deeply scan your memory card for lost, deleted and/or formatted files and photos, it was designed with the home user in mind. You'll find and recover your digital files in just a few simple steps. (To see how easy it is to recover your files, click here.) There's no risk of damaging your card or overwriting the data on it since Media Investigator doesn't write to or modify any data on your card.

Risk Free - Find your Deleted Files for Free
If you want to find your lost or deleted files now and pay nothing, download a free copy of our file recovery tool, Media Investigator. After it's analysed your memory cards and disk drives and you see which files / photos are recoverable, only then will you have to decide if the files found are worth a single-use licence of ONLY $14.95. All of the recovered photos will be saved in a folder you choose on your computer.

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to risk by downloading and trying our file recovery software and lots to save - including time, money and your lost / deleted files and photos. You'll be able to see which files and photos can be recovered for free. If you then wish to save the files Media Investigator found, our single-use licence fee is ONLY $14.95. No gimmicks and no risk. Just professional data recovery software at the best price possible.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $16.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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