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  • Version: 4.2
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  • Date: Aug 08, 2008
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Meda Mp3 Splitter Download
Free Download Meda Mp3 Splitter 4.2

Meda MP3 Splitter is a powerful mp3 edit tool, you can use this tool to separate your mp3 file into small pieces. This tool has a professional wave-form editor, you can preview the wave-form before you split your mp3 file. MP3 Player has been built-in, you can play your mp3 file before you split it. You also can use MP3 merger to merges your mp3 files into a large one. Meda MP3 Splitter splits and merges your mp3 files directly without MP3 re-encoding, it is fast and no sound quality lost.
MP3 Tag editor allows you save tags before split mp3 files. Meda MP3 Splitter has a cut points manager, you can save the cut points into a file before you exit mp3 splitter, and continue your work after load the cut points from the saved file. Meda MP3 Splitter will automatically detect the best position for cut points after you load a mp3 file, this will saves your time and free your hand, you don't need set each cut points to split songs from a large mp3 file. Meda MP3 Splitter has a great and easy to use layout, you don't need spend your time to learn how to use it, just a double-click you will set a cut points.
You can change the color for the wave-form, there are two themes for the wave-form you can choose or you can custom the color in the options window. Meda MP3 Splitter supports APE format, this tool will automatically converts your APE file to MP3 format before you load it. This tool also can converts MP3 file into WAV format.
Key features:
* Very easy to use - In the mp3 splitter main-window, you can see the wave-form is avaiable after you loaded a mp3 file. You can drag the rectangle on top to change the view range and position. If you want to set the break point just double click the wave-form.
* Auto create cut points for mp3 album file - Meda MP3 Splitter can creates cut points of separate mp3 music from mp3 album file automatically
* Support .cue file - Insert cut points by .cue file
* Fast to load MP3 files - The MP3 decoder is faster than other mp3 tool
* Wave-form built-in - The wave-form has built-in, you can set the break point by double-click on the wave-form
* Set break point by entering frame-no - You can also set the break point by enter frame-no in main-menu
* Set break point by average size - You can add break points to split average blocks by enter a block number
* Drag break point to everywhere on current wave-form - You can adjust your break points by drag the break point line after you double-click on the wave-form
* Save your work stats - MP3 Splitter allows you save or load break points to or from a file, you can save your work stats and continue your work afte you loaded break points
* Play on everywhere - Click on the wave-form to change the play position, click "Play" button to start play
* Convert MP3 to Wave - You can convert current MP3 to WAV format
* MP3 Merger is built-in - You can use MP3 Merger to merge your MP3 files
* Edit ID3 Tags on each block - You can edit ID3 tags before you split MP3 file

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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