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  • Date: Sep 01, 2011
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    Screen Capture
Mazio Download
Free Download Mazio 1.2.1

Mazio is a great screen capture and painting utility for Windows. Easily and quickly grab a screenshot of your desktop, its part or an individual window, and then annotate it with simple but useful graphics. Next send the result to the Internet image sharing services or drop it onto your desktop.

Supported services:
1. Flickr
2. Picasaweb
4. Atlassian JIRA servers

Mazio Features so far:
1. Grabbing a region of screen
2. Grabbing a single window
3. dragging and dropping image files to and from Mazio
4. copy and paste of images
5. uploading to: * Flickr * Skitch * JIRA Servers * Picasaweb
6. drawing shapes: * straight lines * ovals * rectangles * arrows * free-hand "pencil" drawings * texts * Ponies! - two kinds of them!
7. magnifying lens
8. anonymizer (pixelization of regions of screen you want to keep private)
9. cropping
10. moving shapes around on screen
11. editing shapes (resizing, reshaping, etc)
12. deleting shapes
13. z-ordering of shapes
14. opening and saving image files
15. Full undo/redo for all operations except z-ordering and shape deletion (this is in progress)
16. saving presets and authentication info
17. transparency support
18. zooming and shrinking the whole picture
19. launching mazio from web pages and automatically setting up upload target (currently only works for JIRA)

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this screen capture software.

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