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  • Date: Mar 26, 2013
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Matrix Mic Download
Free Download Matrix Mic 1.7.0

Matrix Mic can simultaneously send microphone announcements to Multi-Zone Outputs Systems (stage, lobby, courtyard, etc.) in your venue from one computer connected microphone (or headset mic). Or play a recorded audio file announcement to multiple zones. No specialized hardward needed -- just standard computer components. Matrix Mic will broadcast to selectable speaker outputs connected to your soundcards. Save configurations to rapidly switch between groups of target speaker destinations. No limit on the number of speaker zones supported. Useful for entertainment, school and business applications of any type. Use stand-alone or as a companion tool to Sound Mill.

Matrix Mic Features:
1. PA system for live announcements - Use as a PA system (Public Address) for live announcements to multiple connected speaker systems.
2. Use with other audio programs - Use Matrix Mic and other audio software (ex. WMP, Windows Media Player) simultaneously.
3. Select Output Devices - Select the zones where you want to send mic announcements in a Multi-Zone Output System environment. (ex. lobby PA, stage tower speakers, courtyard).
4. Fully Configurable - Create and save output groups that define which speaker zones to use. For example, an Intermission Announcements group may contain 2 destination zones, lobby and concession area.
5. Save and load Configurations - You may have different configurations needs for different events (ex. Matinee or evening performance). Reload a saved configuration as needed.
6. Assign User Friendly Device Names - If the lobby speaker system is connected to soundcard "USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX", you can assign it the logical name "Lobby PA" in your configuration. So operators can easily understand your zone configurations.
7. Set Volumes for Speaker Systems - You can independently set volumes for each speaker zone. So an announcement may sound louder or softer in any given zone.
8. Play audio files - Save canned announcements as audio files (wav format only) and play them to desired zones. (ex. "Building will be closing in 15 minutes...") Play it in a continous loop if desired.
9. Set Output Format Quality - Mono/stereo, sample rate (ex 48Khz), bit rate quality(8 or 16 bit).
10. Select Source Mic - If your computer has more than one microphone connected, easily select the source mic.
11. View and Print Configurations - Save the Configurations on paper and include in a project book if desired.
12. No specialized hardware required - All you need is a computer connected microphone or headset with mic. And one or multiple speakers systems connected to your computer via off the shelf sound cards. See the discussion of Multi-Zone Outputs Systems for hardware ideas if you do not already have an in house speaker set up.
13. For Pros or Hobbyists - Multi-Zone Output Systems are not just for the Pros anymore. Hobbyists and amateur production sound designers can inexpensively set up a system that meets nearly any budget.

DirectX Advanced Features - This program uses features of Microsoft DirectX emblem are only available for audio files in WAV format. DirectX is a free Microsoft download (see program prerequisites for required version). DirectX will use advanced functions of your soundcard hardware (when available) or simulate hardware effects in software.

* DirectX
* Net Framework

* The program will time-out after a random amount of time of use -- 5 minutes maximum. Just restart the program to continue your trial.
* You cannot save your Configurations to file or open Configuration files.
* Program options or preferences you set are not saved.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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