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An application created especially for manufacturers, factories and distribution services. MaterialNet is designed for manufacturer, factory, distributor handling MRP, raw material logistics and distribution services.
In view of the keep increasing price of raw material around the world, material resources planning become an important issue for all manufacturers to keep track of their purchasing price, leftover, inventory, consumption and cost history comparison. MaterialNet is definitely a solution for this problem.
It starts from purchase, receiving, distribution and inventory of raw material, accessory, trims and parts. Giving management team the purchase order details, pending quantity or location and quantity of leftover inventory at real time inside your warehouse. Purchase Vs sales analysis, which is used to find out the cheapest product supplier and generous customer, hence improving company's sales revenue and profit margin. Inventory report group by Item, Brand name and product description. Leftover reports with different grouping, by article no, item, brand name, description, supplier and specification, FIFO, storage breakdown, storage charges calculation, low level alert and stock checking by location. Export closing stock report for accounting audit at the year end to save manpower and time to re-type by excel.

1. MaterialNet is designed for logisitcs, sales and distribution operation of manufactuer
2. for raw material, parts, accessories and trims purchasing, inventory and distribute to workshop
3. manufacturer use it to keep track of their purchasing, inventory, consumption and cost comparison
4. leftover report group by article no, item, brand name, description, supplier and specification
5. closing stock, FIFO, storage breakdown, low level alert and stock checking by location
6. expiry date alert avoid expires and waste of day limited items
7. stock-in and stock-out repot group by item, customer, brand name, supplier, recipient and job order
8. sales revenue and gross profit report group by month and by customer
9. analysis on sales, purchase and inventory to benefit company's operating profit margin
10. self diagnosis, self repair, compact and re-index to optimize database efficiency
11. password protected database to prevent unathorized access of important data
12. sandbox mode to protect database against virus, spyware, malware and torjan
13. automatic schedule back up and one click back up
14. multi-user workgroup functionality and remote access database software capability
15. user right control, limitation on sensitive figures and reports

MaterialNet also has powerful search functions ans it is able to hold one million of records. Print to .PDF format or print to MS document.

Expiry date alert avoid expires and waste of day limited items. Storage days report reduced the storage day and hence minimizes depreciation percent. Reports of all stock-in and stock-out movement grouping by item, customer, brand name, supplier, delivery order, recipient and job order. This is used to act as an audit checking against supplier deliveries and customer invoice amount or quantity. Multi languages with Chinese / English Bilingual interface and reports, more applicable for multi-national companies with business association with China. Remote Access MaterialNet Database over internet, able to view record details from overseas. (With users own Window XP or Server) Multiple user access to the database at the same time. Workgroup and multi-user functionality. User right limitation restricts junior staff reading sensitive figures and report. Print to .PDF format or print to MS document imaging. This is then capable of converting to any kind of graphic formats. i.e. .jpeg .jpg .png .bmp .gif .tif.

* Cant delete the records

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $179.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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