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  • Date: Oct 07, 2010
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MasterBooter Download
Free Download MasterBooter 3.7

MasterBooter is a boot manager which can be used to install and maintain more operating systems on a PC.

Master Booter Features:
1. A DOS or Win9x/ME based bootdisk or CD is enough for installation
2. Capability of booting from any harddisk's any partition
3. Programmable delay time
4. Dynamic hiding of primary FAT, NTFS/HPFS partitions
5. Password protecting partitions
6. Protecting partitions using special keystrokes at boot time
7. Optional beeping when the boot menu appears
8. Optional floppy boot support
9. Up to 8 operating systems on a single computer without the hassle of boot disks (3 in the shareware version)
10. Small memory and harddisk space requirement for the setup program only. The loader doesn't use any memory or partition space
11. Support for command line options to customize your boot menu (registered version only)
12. Safety and easy-to-use user interface
13. Advanced disk partitioning utility - EFDISK - is included

Can boot many types of operating systems:
1. Win9x/ME
2. WinNT/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/2008/Vista
3. MS-DOS, Novell DOS, Caldera DR-DOS, IBM DOS, OpenDOS, PTS-DOS
4. Linux
5. FreeBSD
6. SCO OpenServer
7. OS/2 (Warp, Merlin)
8. OS X
9. Solaris
10. Oberon
11. Theos
12. BeOS
13. Unknown OS with 'standard' boot process

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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