Mass Text Replacer

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  • Date: Feb 10, 2010
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Mass Text Replacer Download
Free Download Mass Text Replacer 1.7.1

Mass Text Replacer (MTR) is a software program that lets you search for a particular word or phrase and replace it with another one. The advantage of MTR is that it works over several files at the same time. It lets you search files for a particular phrase and replace it.

The advantage of MTR is that it works over several files at the same time. In fact you have the option to choose the files you want to modify or just select entire directories. Mass Text Replacer will just look inside them, changing any occurences of your selected text with the one you wish to put instead.

With the fast paced changes of today, webmasters especially will need to change entire sections of their pages constantly. Sometimes they will need to change hundreds or thousands of pages, and with Mass Text Replacer software they can change them all in one go.

Mass Text Replacer Features:
1. Users can select which files to search through and modify
2. Entire folders can be selected with a single click
3. Text to find and replace can be entire paragraphs or for example tables in a web page
4. Replacing the text in all the files is started just as easily with the click of a button
5. Professional Writers Modifications and errata can be changed easily over several documents.
6. Webmasters Changing page layouts, affiliate adverts and content can be done in seconds instead of days.
7. Programmers Changing a piece of code over a number of program source codes is just as easy.
8. Marketing Staff It will be possible to modify brand names and special offers inside tried and tested adverts and sales pages

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $15.45, you can free download and get a free trial.

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