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  • Date: Oct 25, 2010
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Mascot Wizard is a simple desktop tool that provides a drag and drop interface for submitting peptide mass fingerprint searches to a Mascot server. Internally, Mascot Wizard uses the Mascot Distiller libraries to process raw data files into high quality peak lists.

Although you can only process one file at a time, everything is fully automated. However, note that Mascot Wizard is only for peptide mass fingerprints. If your file contains MS/MS data, you have to use Mascot Distiller to process it.

Mascot Wizard is freeware. Full information concerning configuration and use is provided by the on-line help.

Supported File Formats:
1. Agilent
* DataAnalysis (yep) (LC/MS Trap)
* Analyst (wiff) (LC/MS TOF)*
* MassHunter (Q-TOF)
* Analyst (QStar, QTrap)
* Data Explorer (Voyager*, 4700, 4800)
3. Bruker
* Data/Flex Analysis (yep) format (Esquire)
* Data/Flex Analysis (baf) format (Apex, MicrOTOF)
* XMASS/XTOF (Reflex, Biflex, etc.)
4. Shimadzu
* Kompact (Axima)
* LCMSSolution (LCMS-IT-TOF)*
5. Thermo
* Xcalibur (LCQ, LTQ, Orbitrap)
6. Waters
* MassLynx (QTof, M@ldi, TofSpec)
7. mzXML 2.0 and 2.1 (XML interchange format)
8. Text (ASCII mass and intensity values)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cad software.

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