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Constructs genetic linkage groups and maps QTL loci. MapMaker is a program for genetic linkage analysis. A linkage analysis package designed to help construct primary linkage maps of markers segregating in experimental crosses.
MAPMAKER/EXP performs full multipoint linkage analysis (simultaneous estimation of all recombination fractions from the primary data) for dominant, recessive, and co-dominant (e.g. RFLP-like) markers. MAPMAKER/EXP is an experimental-cross-only successor to the original MAPMAKER program.
MAPMAKER/QTL is a companion program to MAPMAKER/EXP which allows one to map
genes controlling polygenic quantitative traits in F2 intercrosses and BC1 backcrosses relative to a genetic linkage map. More information on MAPMAKER/QTL can be found in the technical report (included with MAPMAKER/QTL).

New features in this release include:
1. Many many bug-fixes, feature, and user-interface improvements.
2. A sophisticated algorithm for detecting typing errors in data from experimental crosses (see Lincoln and Lander, "Systematic Detection of Errors in Genetic Linkage Data" Genomics 14: 604-610)
3. The ability to draw genetic maps (in MAPMAKER/EXP) and LOD-score plots (in MAPMAKER/QTL) as PostScript files.
4. Support for additional cross types, including F2 intercross, BC1 backcross, F3(self) intercross, and sib and self mated Recombinant Inbreds in MAPMAKER/EXP.
5. Many features for automating analysis and storing results, particularly useful with very large data sets. An outline of a database interface is provided, for sites who wish to integrate MAPMAKER into their informatics systems.
6. New "three point" and "join haplotypes" features for speeding lengthy analyses.
7. A new license agreement which allows free redistribution of MAPMAKER.Under specific conditions, you may even distribute modified versions of MAPMAKER. See the license agreement (below) for details.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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