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MailBrowser Download
Free Download MailBrowser

With MailBrowser, you can keeps all your Gmail contacts, attachments local and handy, MailBrowser is a free and great Gmail Plugin that helps you easily manage your contacts and attachments, one useful Gmail Browser Extension. This new Gmail 3rd-party browser plugin that sits in the sidebar, giving you more information about your Gmail contacts.

MailBrowser works by downloading a complete local copy of your email archive from Gmail over IMAP, then cross-referencing it to your Google Contacts in your Google account. Don't worry if you have a personal Gmail account and a Google Apps account, since MailBrowser works for both, and it allows you to use more than one account at a time.

MailBrowser Features:
1. Gmail Integration
Automatically presents the relevant information, according to what is being currently displayed in Gmail
2. Privacy & Security
Keeps authentication details and mails in your hard-disk. Never exchanges Gmail's authentication details or its content with anyone else other than Gmail
3. Multiple Accounts
Configure unlimited number of Gmail or Google Apps accounts
4. Non-Intrusive Sidebar
All functionalities in a convenient sidebar. Enable and disable the sidebar with the click of a button to reclaim space

1. Consolidated Contact List
Consolidated view of all contacts by including all contacts you have ever communicated with - akin to Xobni for Outlook
2. Important Contact Info
Shows important information about Contacts automatically
3. Up-to-date Contact List
By extracting contact information from your mails, MailBrowser makes the contact list more complete and up-to-date
4. Add Notes to Contacts
Attaching notes help you provide additional information about a contact for quick reference later
5. Easy & Quick Search
Convenient shortcuts to search mails relevant to a particular contact
6. Add Tags to Contacts
Use tags to categorize and group contacts
7. Google Calendar Events
Quickly add a calendar event for a contact
8. Statistics
Useful statistics on conversations with a particular contact to determine the balance of relationship
9. Domain Info
Shows important details about the contact's domain and website
10. Auto Sync Across Multiple Installations
Additional information entered by you for a contact is directly stored in your Google account ensuring multiple MailBrowser installations remain synchronized

1. Attachment List
Consolidated view of all attachments that were ever exchanged with the contacts
2. Enable Desktop Search for Attachments
Gmail does not search inside attachments. MailBrowser keeps a copy of all attachments in hard-disk allowing you to search them using Desktop Search software
3. Efficient Collaboration
Download-modify-resend cycle of attachments is no longer painful
4. Quick View
Simply the fastest way to browse photos and documents in your mail. Nice Xoopit replacement
5. Rich Previews
Provides rich preview of attachments
6. Attachment Versioning
Quickly locate the latest version of a particular document
7. Portability & Backup
Attachments are stored in individual folders for each contact. Easily copy attachments to USB drive or upload them to document/photo sharing services
8. Direct File Access
Directly open local copy of the attachment with a single click. MailBrowser marks the attachment if it was modified after getting downloaded

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email checker software.

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