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  • Date: Jul 16, 2010
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    Image Editing Software
MagicTracer Download
Free Download MagicTracer 2.0.012

MagicTracer is a excellent raster to vector converter for Windows. it is very useful tool. With over 100 customizable functions, MagicTracer works as your all-purpose tool for raster to vector converting. It even comes complete with a simple interface and real-time previews that allow you to see how a custom setting will affect your project. View the videos to see some demonstrations.
MagicTracer is used for personal and professional projects alike, whether you are a hobbyist or an architectural design company. If you need vector conversion and tracing MagicTracer may be what you need. Raster to vector conversion will assist anyone who does lots of vector image cleanup in becoming more productive.

MagicTracer Features:
1. Support for image scanners
2. Support for raster image formats: PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, TGA, PCX, etc.
3. Includes both raster and vector editing tools
4. Vector conversion settings for different types of images
5. Exports to DXF for editing in CAD and Vector programs
6. Additional support for exporting EPS, EMF, WMF, SVG, DC2, XYZ
7. Allows custom user-specified sizes for vector output
8. Real-time previews for both raster and vector editing
9. Step-by-step tutorials and documentation of the commands are included

Raster Editing
1. Selections: Freehand, Polygon, Box, Circle, Magic Wand
2. Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Skew
3. Resample, Expand, Crop
4. Negative
5. Grayscale
6. Pseudo Colors
7. Brightness and Contrast
8. Gamma
9. Change Color Depth: 1, 4, 8, 24-bit
10. Opacity
11. Normalize
12. Equalize
13. Split Channels: RGB, HSL, YUV
14. Drawing Tools: Box, Line, Ellipse, Sketch
15. Paint
16. Eyedropper
17. Eraser

Raster Processing
1. Remove Noise
2. Repair
3. Soften
4. Gaussian Blur
5. Sharpen
6. Median
7. Erode
8. Dilate
9. Threshold
10. Contour
11. Linear Edge
12. Nonlinear Edge

Vector Editing
1. Drawing Tools: Box, Line, Ellipse, Arc, Curve, Sketch
2. Lines to Hatch, Hatch to Lines
3. Vector Combine
4. Lines to Cureve, Curve to Line
5. Mirror Horizontal, Mirror Vertical
6. Set Drawing Units

Vector Conversion
1. Line Smoothing Level
2. Line Straighten Angle
3. Line Connection Gap
4. Orthogonal Line Detection
5. Specify Minimum Length
6. Curve Detection
7. Circle and Arc Detection
8. Corner Detection

DXF Options
1. Save Curves as Lines
2. Save Curves as B-Spline Curves
3. Save Curves as Bezier Curves
4. Save Lines as 2-Point Lines
5. Save Lines as Polylines
6. Save Lines as Light-Weight Polylines

The license of this software is Demo,

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