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  • Version: 10.3.15 Build 0 Beta
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  • Date: Apr 22, 2011
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    IRC Client
MZirc Download
Free Download MZirc 10.3.15 Build 0 Beta

MZirc provide you a user friendly interface for use with the Internet Relay Chat network (IRC). A tiny IRC GUI. MZirc is a user friendly interface for use with the Internet Relay Chat network (IRC). This program only has some basic features but a begginer will appeaciate not getting lost in a lot of options.

You can easily select the IRC channel to join and chat away. Its that easy! So, if you were looking for a tool to help you with your IRC chating, then take MZirc for a spin and check out its capabilities for yourself.

MZirc Features:
1. full configurable and graphic effects: colors, fonts, font-size, backgrounds, margins, text spacing, styles.
2. pop up font window (ctrl+k) inluding 16 colours (ctrl+e), bold (ctrl+b), underline (ctrl+u), reverse (ctrl+r), strikeout (ctrl+s), and [new] italic (ctrl+i).
3. http and ftp Hotlinks.
4. application icon blink alert when inactive and receive messages to you.
5. global irc net view, all known users and chans details using database.
6. all chat windows (status, channels, privates and dialogs) are structured in a configurable and dockable tree view.
7. notify, ignore and messages log record utilities; using filtering.
8. customizable menus and tool bars (main menu, standard tool bar, and 3 user tool bars).
9. flood out control, debug logs.
10. client-To-Client Protocol (CTCP) (
11. direct Client-To-Client Protocol (DCC) Send and Get files, and to Chat privately (
12. connections can be stablished through proxy socks servers (versions 4, 4a,5).
13. (uses TipClient component from TurboPower Internet Professional).
14. built-in object pascal editor and interpreter (uses a modified verion of JvInterpreter component from Project JEDI's JVCL).You can handle application components and scripting using event handlers.
15. expression evaluator /[expression] and Up to 99 customizable user actions using pascal interpreter.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this irc client software.

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