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Sales analysis tool, which allows to print interesting reports with the sales information of one or more companies. MSD Sales is a powerful sales analysis tool which allows to view sales information of one or more companies in table format, in decision cube format and in chart format (columns, bars, lines, areas and pies).

This tool will improve your sales reports, allowing you to analyze the sales information by products, groups, clients, salesmen, payments and countries.

The sales reports can be configured at will by dragging the sales database fields to any of the three available data areas in the decision cube.
Analysis charts can also be configured.

The program allows to print the sales tables, the sales decision cube and the sales charts.

In addition to this, MSD Sales features stand alone tools such as a word processor, a spreadsheet and an image viewer. Any record in the program main database may contain a word processor document, a spreadsheet and an image.

All the reports can be saved to disk in PDF format.

MSD Sales Features:
The information is displayed in data grids with advanced features:
1. Show the information in table, bands and cards views.
2. Allow to sort the information by any column or combination of columns, ascending or descending.
3. Allow to group the information by any column or combination of columns, providing a tree like structure.
4. Allow to hide or show any column, and also allow to change their width and position.
5. Allow to filter the information by any field or combination of fields with an advanced filter manager.
6. Allow to change many visual features to adapt the data grid appearance to the user references. Among many other, allow to show every record in a single row or in multiple rows.
7. Allow to store an unlimited number of data grid configurations, which can be restored at any time. Every configuration stores current data grid visual appearance, filters, sorting and grouping.
8. The reports print exactly the same information shown in the data grids, what results in an almost unlimited number of different reports.
9. Data Export: you can export the information of the program in text, HTML, XML and excel formats. The files stored in the records are not exported.
10. Records can be filtered by any field combination.
11. Appearance and functionality of the program can be configured by the user.
12. Easy to use, with hints and popup menus in all program areas.
13. Powerful search and find tools. This feature is supported by a powerful relational database manager.
14. Unlimited reports, because the program prints the contents of the data grids, which can be configured at will on the number of columns of data, its position, its management, grouping and filtering.
15. Word processor: use this powerful tool for editing text documents enriched with formatted text, tables, images and more.
16. Spreadsheet: use this powerful tool for editing spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel. The records of the main database program may contain a spreadsheet.
17. Image viewer: use this tool to view or print the images stored in the records of the program.
18. Tools for backing and restoring the data.
19. Maintenance routines to assist in the packing of the databases and to correct potential integrity problems.

* The program databases accept a limited number of records. This number depends on the kind of database, but is large enough to allow a comfortable evaluation of the program.
* The disk files are deleted in a safe way if the program is registered. In the evaluation version the files are deleted the standard way.
* From time to time, a dialog with information about the program and how to register it will show up.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR150.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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