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MPMileage Download
Free Download MPMileage 2.1

Batch calculate point-to-point mileages with Microsoft MapPoint. MPMileage calculates mileages for point-to-point routes specified in a database. MPMileage can calculate distances, travel times, and estimated costs, with all results written to the input database.

MPMileage supports all geographic editions of Microsoft MapPoint 2002-2010. Supported databases include Microsoft Access (1997-2007), Microsoft Excel (1997-2007), and ODBC connections.

Benefits include:
1. Batch calculate thousands or even a million mileages.
2. Ability to calculate distances, travel times, and estimated costs at the same time.
3. Supports parallel processing for super fast processing on modern PCs.
4. Uses pre-located pushpins, allowing the user to QC and correct geo-location problems.
5. No need to upgrade from 2002: Works with all versions of Microsoft MapPoint from 2002 to 2010.
6. No need to convert databases: Supports most databases through ODBC.
7. No need to use a large database: Supports both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.
8. Ability to select specific database rows for calculation.

Supports all of MapPoints route options including fastest routes, shortest routes, preferred roads, and straight lines (Great Circles). Road speeds/etc can also be set. Supports all versions of MapPoint from MapPoint 2002 to the latest MapPoint 2010. The database can be any version of Access or Excel v2003 onwards. Access or an ODBC database is recommended for speed. Also supports multi-core machines: Run on a quad core (or better) for huge speeds up over conventional MapPoint batch calculation tools.

Additional features, include:
1. Ability to take advantage of modern multi-core PCs.
2. Support for all of MapPoint's routing options.
3. Capability to calculate straight line distances, as well as route distances.
4. Support for various distance and time units.
5. Support for rest stops and overnight stays.
6. Walk-through tutorial.
7. Supports all geographic editions of MapPoint.
8. Works with the latest MapPoint 2010.
9. Windows Vista and XP are both supported.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $75.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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