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  • Date: Mar 08, 2015
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MPCluster Download
Free Download MPCluster 2.6

MPCluster is a handy add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that performs cluster analysis on MapPoint pushpin (point) data. Cluster results can be drawn as map annotation (centroid pushpins and/or cluster boundary shapes) and exported to Microsoft Excel. Various parameters can be used to restrict the minimum or maximum size of clusters, as well as the maximum number of clusters to find.

Benefits include:
1. Find clusters from thousands of pushpins.
2. Can work with all pushpins or just a specific pushpin set.
3. Find clusters within a number of size constraints.
4. Clusters can be drawn (annotated) as boundary shapes and/or central locations.
5. Ability to manage existing cluster annotation from previous MPCluster runs.
6. Cluster assignments can be written to a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Additional features, include:
1. Annotation (boundary shapes) support all of MapPoint's colors and line thickness settings.
2. Ability to limit the maximum cluster radius.
3. Ability to set the minimum and/or maximum number of pushpins per cluster.
4. Ability to set the minimum distance between adjacent cluster centers.
5. Ability to delete the annotation from previous cluster calculation run(s).
6. "Draw circle" function draws circle annotation around previous cluster centers.
7. Walk-through tutorial.
8. Supports all geographic editions of MapPoint.
9. Works with the latest MapPoint 2010.
10. Windows 7, Vista and XP are all supported.

MPCluster can be run multiple times overlaying multiple annotation layers to aid comparisons. Annotation from old runs can be selectively deleted. Possible applications include: Finding sales territories, finding the best shop / distribution outlets; and finding hot spots in product sales. Give MPCluster a try to fully assess its capabilities!

* NET Framework 2.0;
* Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later)
* 14 days trial

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $100.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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