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  • Date: Oct 27, 2010
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MP3 Workstation Download
Free Download MP3 Workstation

Convert all audio formats to MP3, Grab CD audio to MP3 with free CDDB album info service. Find album covers for CDs and MP3 files. Edit all audio formats to MP3, add effects, normalize, fade in and out, amplify, create clips, split files. DJ style player with auto fade and auto beat matching, statistics. Change and memorize song speed or pitch separately. Organize MP3s with the database. Add songs to the player from the database. Includes smart ID3 tag editor, lyrics editor, and album cover image editor. Create standard audio CDs from MP3s.

MP3 Workstation Features:
1. Audio Converter
Audio Converter makes batch file conversion simple. Create a batch list of many different formats and convert them all to a single selected format. The converted files will be saved to a pre-selected directory folder and the original files will remain untouched.

2. CD Audio Grabber
Convert your audio CD's to MP3.

3. Create Standard Audio CD's
Only available if a valid CD burner drive is found.

4. Tag Editor MP3
Information about these files can be stored at the end of the file. Many players display this information during playback.

5. Adding lyrics to MP3.
MP3 Workstation will automatically show Lyrics if they exist on audio files.

6. Album Cover Image Editor
The Album Cover Image Editor allows you to enhance and resize album cover artwork. Many software and hardware players players are able to show album cover artwork embedded within audio files.

7. Audio Splitter / Joiner
Use Audio Splitter to create new audio files from parts of larger audio files. Create clips, split long speeches or songs from one file in to individual files. Join many files in to one large file. Audio Splitter / Joiner is able to handle large files that are too big for the included Editor program.

8. Graphical Audio Editor
Audio Edit allows you to load, record and edit most audio file formats. Using the graphical interface you can select and zoom in on small areas for accurate editing, apply effects. Drag the mouse over the graphic to select an area to work on. Click on Zoom to show the selected area. If you don't like the result of your editing, there are three levels of undo and redo.

9. DirectX Effects
DerectX effects can be applied to the songs if you have DirectX 8 or above installed on your computer. Most Windows operating systems have DirectX 8 or above already installed.

10. VST - Virtual Studio Technology
VST is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to simulate traditional recording studio hardware with software. Thousands of free VST plugins exist and others can be purchased.

11. LRC Lyrics Maker

LRC lyrics are Karaoke style lyrics that follow the song. An LRC lyrics file contains timing information for each line of the song. Many hardware players will show LRC lyrics if the file is loaded to the player along with the song file. If an LRC file is found, this program will show lyrics with each line highlighted as the song plays.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $16.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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