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MP3 Tag Express is a simple tag editing program for assigning and cleaning up music meta-tags. MP3 Tag Express will revolutionize the tagging of your music collection.

What sets this product apart from most is the ability to quickly and easily modify the music tags of many files at once, rather than being restricted to modifying single files at a time. Most tagging packages that do support multiple file operations use confusing rules and pattern-based systems. MP3 Tag Express offers a straight-forward and simplified approach to mass-tag editing. Whether you wish to tag one, or hundreds (even thousands) of tags at once, MP3 Tag Express makes this an effortless and simplified process.

MP3 Tag Express reads Version 1 and 2 tags that are commonly used by most audio playback software and portable music devices. You can select specific files or entire trees of folders for editing and MP3 Tag Express will extract the current tag information for the loaded files. Once the files are loaded into the list, you have many useful options at your disposal for modifying the tags for one or many files, including renaming, copy, and move options.

1. Smart Cloning
If you organize your files by Artist and Album Folders, using the Smart Cloning feature you can populate the Artist and Album tags based on the folder structure.

2. Filenames to Tags
If your files are contained in a single folder, you can derive the Artist and Title tags from the filenames if they are separated by either " - " or "_-_". You can perform this operation for one or many files at once.

3. Mass Editing of Common Tags
If Artist names are inconsistent, your collection will end up being split across similar artist names. You can select as many files for an artist that you want and specify the correct artist name and with a single click, write a consistent artist or album name to the selected tracks.

4. Copy Once and Paste to Many
You can select a single file and with a couple clicks, copy the Artist, Album, Year, Title, Genre, and Filename to the Windows Clipboard. Then, you can select as many files as you want and write the copied Clipboard text to the Artist, Album, Year, and Genre tags. This saves on typing and keeps the results consistent.

5. Mass Removal of Special Characters
You can select one or more files and remove one or more sets of commonly used characters, replacing them with nothing or a different character. This is much easier than using confusing patterns to accomplish this task.

6. Mass Removal of Track Numbers from Filenames and Track Titles
There is nothing more annoying than inconsistent track numbers, or track numbers where you don't want or need them. The track number removal feature takes into account numbers combined with dashes and spaces, and removes them quickly and easily with a minimum amount of effort.

7. Re-number Tracks Numbers in Sequence
Simply left-click and drag files to their desired position in the list and with a couple, clicks re-number the track numbers for a group of selected files. Sometimes track numbers are missing, out of proper order, or are corrupt. This feature makes it a snap to re-number tracks, even if they're split between different folders for a two-CD album. You can also selectively prefix track title tags and filenames with track numbers in a minimum number of steps, simply select the files you want to re-number and select the desired function to instantly re-number them.

8. Mass removal / replacement of Custom Text from tags
For custom sequences of text and characters, you can select one or more files and replace one string of characters with another.

9. Rename Files based on the Title Tag
If your filenames are poorly named but the Title tag is cleanly named, you can instruct the program to rename one or more selected files so that the filenames match the title tags.

10. Move Files to a new folder named after the Album tag
If your files contain a consistent album name, with a couple clicks you can instantly create a folder named after the album tag and move the files into it. This is very useful if you haven't yet created Album folders for a given artist.

11. Quarantine Files you'd rather not keep
If your collection contains files you don't want, you can select one or more of them and with a single click, send them to a predetermined location outside of your music collection. This works fantastically for files left behind by your ex (yet for some stupid reason you haven't yet toasted them).

12. Launch Windows Explorer at a file's folder location
Instant access to Windows Explorer is a click away. Simply highlight a file and select the launch Windows Explorer option and Windows Explorer will open at the folder location and will even be focused on the file.

13. Audio Playback for determining the sound quality of a given file
MP3 Tag Express comes with a built-in audio player so you can compare the quality of one file with another. Simply highlight a file and press the Enter key to start playing the file.

14. Quick-access features speed up operations
Do you get tired of right-clicking to perform common and frequently used functions? Use the Quick-Access buttons to accomplish frequent tasks if your right mouse button finger gets tired. The same functions available via the context (right-click) menus can also be accessed via the Quick-Access buttons.

15. Easy Access to Help and Support
You can access Help, Product Updates, and support options in Help-->About

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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