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  • Date: Sep 21, 2010
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MP3 Key Changer Download
Free Download MP3 Key Changer

Play an MP3 faster or change it's key easily. Do you want to sing along with a backing track, but the key is too high? Or would you like the song to play a little faster? Then you have found the right software: MP3 Key Changer.

MP3 Key Changer Features:
1. Improved saving algorithms for Higher Quality editing.
2. Handles both MP3 and Wave files.
3. Transpose songs up to +/-12 semitones.
4. Adjust the tempo by up to half or double the original tempo (-50% to +200%)
5. Hear the adjustment in real-time (lower quality preview only)
6. Check your adjusted song with a high quality preview clip before saving.
7. Save your edited song as MP3 or WAV.

Please Note: Key and Tempo changing are not loss-less processes. Large changes to original key or tempo can naturally cause distortion and a loss of quality.

Quick Start Guide:
1. Click LOAD and select a MP3 or WAV file to load in.
2. Adjust Tempo and/or Transpose the song key using the yellow arrows
3. Check your adjustments ?click HQ Preview and select your preferred quality. Click Preview to render the preview (if you choose Best Quality, this may take several seconds). Then click Play and listen to a 20 second clip
4. If you are happy with the sound, click SAVE and choose a Save Quality and destination folder for your song.

Menu Buttons:
LOAD: Load in the audio file (.mp3 or .wav) you would like to adjust.

Please Note: If you hover over this button once a song is loaded, you will see the file name and folder path of the loaded song.

SAVE: Save your song as .mp3 or .wav after you have adjusted the key and/or tempo. There is a selection of MP3 bitrates.
Please Note: Depending on the length of the song and the speed of the host PC, this may take several minutes. The black and white bar at the bottom of MP3 Key Changer indicates the progress of the conversion.

* Plays only the first 3 songs
* Can save 3 times only

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is GBP 29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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