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  • Date: Aug 19, 2010
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MP3+G Toolz Download
Free Download MP3+G Toolz

MP3+G Toolz is the definitive application for conversion of karaoke CD+G, Audio+G, Bin, or Zip files.
1. You can convert CD+G to Zip, Audio+G or Bin
2. You can convert Audio+G to Zip or Bin
3. You can convert Zip to Audio+G or Bin
4. You can convert Bin to Audio+G or Zip

MP3+G Toolz Features:
1. CD+G Ripping
2. Encoding of audio files to MP3 or OGG
3. FAST conversion to Bin for burning on CD-R
4. Converts .bin files to .mp3, .ogg and .cdg
5. Converts .mp3, .ogg and .cdg to .bin
6. Zips and unzips karaoke Audio+G files
7. Renames filenames dynamically using an internet database.
8. Creates .cue files for burning with CDRWin
9. Fixes filenames with proper case and removal of underscores.
10. Plays Audio+G files from a .zip file with a -6 to +6 step key changer

Audio+G = MP3 and CDG file (MP3+G), OGG and CDG file (OGG+G), WMA and CDG file (WMA+G)
Bin file = File with a .bin extension used by burning programs such as Goldenhawk's CDRWIN to burn a CD+G disc.
Zip file = Contains the Audio+G files (CDG and Audio). Smaller, and more compact, the zip file contains both files.
CD+G = Compact Disc Plus Graphics. A special audio CD where the unused portion of the disc is used to store the CD+G graphics (words) for karaoke songs.

1. Sound Blaster or equivalent sound card
2. CD+G capable cd-rom drive required for CD+G disc ripping/playing

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd ripper software.

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