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  • Date: Oct 23, 2010
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    Image Utility
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Create and manage image databases with this tool. MOSAnICk is a utility that creates mosaic-based pictures. Essentially the pictures that MOSAnICk creates are based upon a source image (which, obviously, supplies information on which parts of the result should be red, which parts should be dark, etc.), but is itself made up from dozens / hundreds / thousands of miniature pictures.

MOSAnICk keeps multiple image databases (generated by you) of pictures. The pictures are stored in either Portrait (upright) or Landscape (sideways) format, depending on the dimensions of the source images you supply. When generating a mosaic, source images of one type are loaded from a database and made to fit a scaled version of a target picture using various adjusting techniques. These adjusting techniques include various image lighting and tinting models, as well as image mirroring.

MOSAnICk Features:
1. Independent image databases - no need to keep original pictures on hard drive once they are included in a MOSAnICk database.
2. Multiple adjusting techniques - fading to white, fading to black, multiplicative tinting, hue shifting and image mirroring all available.
3. Multiple small image sizes - 64x48, 32x24 and 16x12 (larger sizes will be added in a separate version if enough requests are received by the Developer)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image utility software.

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