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MODO Download
Free Download MODO 5.1

MODO is a graphical front-end to the original Modtran radiative transfer code. It has been created to ease the modelling of the at-sensor radiance for hyperspectral sensors but also for generic radiometric simulation tasks. The basic functionality includes:
1. running Modtran through the GUI (creation and translation of tape5-s),
2. plotting the Modtran - outputs,
3. extraction and conversion of spectra from the Modtran - output,
4. easy creation of sensitivity analysis series, and
5. convolution of spectra to hyperspectral band characteristics.
6. simple atmospheric correction for multispectral imagery over flat terrain

The following features apply to all current versions of MODO:
1. graphical user interface to the original Modtran software as developed by the AFGL
2. direct call of Modtran for Windows and UNIX/Linux/MacOSX,
3. straight-forward at-sensor radiance simulation for a broad collection of remote sensing systems.
4. import/export of Modtran 'tape5' ASCII control files
5. creation of tape5 input including support for multiple run tape5s,
6. convolution of Modtran outputs to hyperspectral and multispectral sensors,
7. import of ground reflectance spectra including support for adjacency effect,
8. export of calculation results to ENVI(TM) spectral libraries and ASCII,
9. automatic creation of series based on a spectral library, and sensitivity analysis through parameter series,
10. extraction of radiance/transmittance and flux components from standard Modtran output (*tp7 and *flx),
11. plotting of standard Modtran outputs (tape7 / flux),
12. supporting applications for visibility determination and solar angles calculation.
13. direct online help for each GUI,
14. complete PDF user manual for the MODO functionality and original, hyper-tagged Modtran user manual,

The distribution of MODO includes platform-specific MODTRAN -5 exectuables, compiled from the original MODTRAN -5 code and compatible to all current operating systems (Solaris/Linux/MacOSX/Windows). The system requirements are:
* IDL 7.0 or higher or the free IDL Virtual Machine (ITT Vis.)
* Solaris, Linux (x86), MacOSX (Intel), or Windows (64/32 bit) operating system
* High processing power for MODTRAN -5 runs
* Screen size at least 1024x768 pixels
* 1.2 GB free disk space

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $590.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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