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  • Date: Oct 12, 2010
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    Video Surveillance
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MJPEG Surveillance Download
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MJPG Video Recorder (also can save individual JPG images). Small, fast and powerful mjpg player, converter and recorder. MJPEG Surveillance is a video recorder and player for IP cameras. Each frame is split into a 400 block grid, and an average luminance intensity value is calculated for each grid block, the program then compares the previous frames values with the current frames value, and the entire area which motion has occurred gets highlighted with a red rectangle, which can alter its size and shape to encapsulate the entire motion area.

All motion detection and highlighting are done directly in raw memory, with custom direct memory access routines, so speed is drastically increased when compared to typical detection coding methods.

MJPEG Surveillance Features:
1. Designed to record video from a few, to hundreds of IP or DirectX cameras simultaneously.
2. Chase Playback Supported! You can playback videos while they are still being recorded!
3. File Converted Included, to convert your MJPEG videos to Divx, WMV, MPEG4, IV50, and more!
4. Extremely Low Processor and Memory Usage! Even when using with multiple cameras simultaneously.
5. Motion Detection for motion activated recording.
6. Record as MJPG videos, or individual JPG images.
7. Video View dialog allows you to see in real-time what's going on.
8. Motion Detection algorithm will highlight motion area on video dialog in real-time.
9. Customizable Motion Detection Grid, with the ability to X out areas which motion should be ignored.
10. Automatic Video Recycling, which records over the oldest videos first (weekly, monthly, yearly, ect!).
11. A slew of time variables you can put in your save path or filename.
12. Video Player has easy editing features so you can extract video clips from larger videos.
13. Easily Extract single frames from videos in JPG format.
14. Compatible with virtually every type of IP cameras, and DirectX camera.
15. Support grabbing images from IP cameras with FTP, HTTP, and ServerPush CGI mjpeg video streams.
16. Ability to add Text overlay to your image, which also supports the time variables.
17. Rotate your image 90,180, or 270 degrees, or Flip it Vertically or Horizontally.
18. Adjustable JPG compression ratio (applys to both the mjpg videos, and the individual JPG's saved.)
19. A program Log View window allows you to view program events and errors.
20. Their is also an option to write program events and errors to a text logfile.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video surveillance software.

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