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  • Date: Apr 07, 2011
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Free Download MIView 0.7 Build 49

MIView is an OpenGL based medical image viewer that contains useful tools such as a DICOM anonymizer and format conversion utility. MIView can read DICOM, Analyze/Nifti, and raster images, and can write Analyze/Nifti and raster images. It can also read and convert DICOM mosaic images. The main goal of MIView is to provide a platform to load any type of medical image and be able to view and manipulate the image. Volume rendering is the main type of advanced visualization that I'm trying to implement. With modern graphics cards supporting multiple shader elements, such as the ATI's X850 supporting 12 parallel shading units and NVidia's 8800GT supporting 112 shading units, the ability of current hardware to render computationally intensive scenes is becoming common enough for most users to be able to view volume rendered images in real time.

MIView supports the following file formats:
1. Dicom v3
2. Multi-frame, single file images
3. JPEG2000, JPEGLossless
5. Papyrus
6. Analyze 7.5 (SPM format)
7. Nifti-1 (.img|.hdr|.gz)
8. JPEG - Joint photographic experts group
9. GIF - graphics interchange format
10. TIFF - tagged image file format
11. PNG - portable network graphic
12. BMP - bitmap
13. PNM - portable any map
14. PCX - Pacific Exchange format
15. XPM - X pixmap

MIView supports the following datatypes (grayed out are not yet supported, or are readable but not displayed)
1. Binary (all Raster types, Nifti)
2. 8-bit signed/unsigned integer (all)
3. 16-bit signed/unsigned integer (all)
4. 32-bit signed/unsigned integer (Dicom,ACR,Analyze,Nifti)
5. 64-bit signed/unsigned integer (Nifti)
6. 32-bit float (Analyze,Nifti)
7. 64-bit float (Analyze,Nifti)
8. 128-bit float (Analyze,Nifti)
9. Complex 64-bit (2 32-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti)
10. Complex 128-bit (2 64-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti)
11. Complex 256-bit (2 128-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti)
12. 24-bit RGB (all)

MIView displays the following information
1. All Dicom tags (Dicom, ACR, Papyrus)
2. Image dimensions (all)
3. Nifti-1 tags (Nifti)
4. MIView supports the following display formats (grayed out formats are not yet supported)
5. Planar view
6. Flip Left/Right
7. Flip Top/Bottom
8. Rotate right
9. Rotate left
10. Zoom/Unzoom
11. Slice flipping
12. Move around the screen
13. Change window Center/Width by using right mouse button

* Video card that supports at least OpenGL 1.5.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this image viewer software.

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