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  • Date: Feb 20, 2007
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MD5 Checker Download
Free Download MD5 Checker 2.31

Free utility to verify downloads with an MD5 checksum from the makers of MidWavi Pro (it's only 128K and this is a true Windows program!).
A small (128K unzipped) full Windows software to verify (and create) MD5 checksums (that is, where an MD5 code is given for a download file, using this tool, if the codes are the same, the download is good)..
You can also create your own MD5 checksum if required.
Using a system called MD5, a unique code (hash/checksum) is generated and if when checked against a download (with a given MD5 hash), the codes match, you can be sure that you have an original. You can also generate your own MD5 hash code for, example, on a backup file so that you can then compare the backup to the original to ensure the backup is a mirror image of the original.
1. It's FREE
2. No attempt has been made to make this thing pretty (eye candy)
3. Has been tested on a 6GB+ file with success
4. It is a completely 'standalone' program that does not require ANY other files (dll's, .Net etc.) to clutter-up your system
5. No set-up is required - just unzip the MD5.Exe and run it!
6. It is a simple utility to provide a simple answer: What is/will be the MD5 checksum
7. Yes, we know it's limitations, and we may attempt a full-blown version with 'full-on' capabilities (unlikely though)
8. It does not contain the level of sophistication of our Flagship program MidWavi Pro
9. It's FREE (not to mention it's a tiny full Windows program)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file compare software.

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