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  • Version: 2.0 Beta 7.5
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  • Date: Jun 01, 2010
  • License: Freeware
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    Movie Collection
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MBase Download
Free Download MBase 2.0 Beta 7.5

MBase allows you to manage your movies in an easy and comfortable way. With the help of an online database you just need to enter the title and MBase will fill out the fields with the appropriate data on its own. Covers and also even the actors (their birthdays and photos too) are automatically added.
Our software is optimized for large data sets and is therefore very fast. Lots of additional features such as Detailed Statistics, Loan Management (with History), Export to PDF / Excel / iPod / HTML / XML / ..., different views (incl. VirtualFlip) and much more to discover are included. The best thing of all: it's completely free!

1. Dozens of filters
Filters help you to see only movies of a special kind in your movie list.

2. Keep track of your lent movies
With the help of the new Loan Management you'll now always know how some of your movies went missing.

3. Customize the list
It's up to you which columns you want and where you want them to be displayed.

4. Powerful search functionality
The built-in Search can be found right at your fingertips above the movie list.

5. Wikipedia directly integrated
Wikipedia might offer some interesting facts about your selected movie or actor, so why not have it displayed right where it can easily be reached?

6. Interesting details
Don't you sometimes wonder how old the actor was in that movie you just saw? Well, now you'll always know.

7. Quick details on your mouse pointer
You don't always have to go into detail. Why not have MBase show you a little info box when you move your mouse pointer on a movie? Oh yeah - did we mention that MBase has alternative views for your movies?

8. Detailed and useful statistics
MBase provides a large set of static and visual statistics (graphs, bars, pies). Ever wonder how your collection grew over time?

9. Built-in player
If you have linked your movie entry with the actual file on the disk or added it via Drag & Drop, you'll be able to play the movie right in MBase.

MBase Key Features:
1. Free of charge with no Spyware
2. Data for movies and actors off the Internet
3. Loan Management to keep track of lent movies
4. Statistics to analyze collection
5. Wikipedia directly integrated
6. VirtualFlip to browse through collection

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this movie collection software.

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