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  • Date: Jan 30, 2011
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MAPFool Download
Free Download MAPFool 1.2

MAPFool let you pre-process your map file before bringing it into Hammer 4.0 to perform several upgrade tasks, to make the amount of rework you have to do in Hammer a lot less. View the textures used in a map file, along with their frequency of usage.
The basic process is simple: Start MAPFool, open a map file, run some upgrades on it, then save the modified map file. Finally, fire up Hammer 4.0 and import the modified map file. You will now have a lot less rework ahead of you.
Note that your map must be in the MAP format (i.e., a structured text file with the .map extension) - MAPFool will not read the Hammer .rtf format. If you only have the .rtf files, you'll need to load them in an older version of Hammer and export them as .map files before you can use them with MAPFool.

MAPFool Features:
1. View the textures used in a map file, along with their frequency of usage
2. Export individual or all of the textures used in a map file to .tga
3. Convert exported .tga files into material .vtf files
4. Auto generate generic .vmt files for both regular and transparent textures
5. Globally prepend (insert before) a folder name in front of all the texture names used in a map file
6. Globally replace a texture name from a user supplied list or file

1. Let you view and analyze all entities and their key values in your map file
2. Replace all usages of obsolete texture names (like AAATRIGGER) with their Source equivalents
3. Convert obsolete entities (like func_wall) into their new Source equivalents
4. Auto "explode" func_water into world brushes and texture it with tools/toolsnodraw
5. Delete individual entities or all of a particular type

* Generate a sequence event summary that shows which entities trigger other entities, the order of firing, and the time to fire.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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