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M3UtoXSPF Download
Free Download M3UtoXSPF 0.9.1

M3UtoXSPF is a Java based command line utility that converts M3U files to XSPF files. M3U and XSPF are playlist formats. Skip forward to the download section for instructions on downloading M3UtoXSPF if you'd rather not read this.

M3U is a simple playlist format that consists of one line per file. XSPF is an XML format that contains some additional information beyond what M3U provides. M3U to XSPF conversion is helpful since M3U files are so easy to create as examples in this readme will illustrate.

m3utoxspf.jar takes one or more M3U files for it's non-option arguments. Additionally various options can be passed to m3utoxspf.jar to alter it's behavior.

Usage: m3utoxspf.jar [options] m3u_in [xspf_out]
-- The remaining arguments are non-option arguments.
-f Fast mode - don't run external information commands.
-h Help (this usage statement)
-v Verbose
-t title Title to use. Default is the M3U basename.
-x external_icmd Add or override an external information command. Format: <type>,<command>[,<separator>] Current external information commands (note trailing spaces): ogg,ogginfo,= mp3,eyeD3 --no-color,:

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this audio converter software.

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