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  • Date: Apr 23, 2012
  • License: Freeware
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LoseThos Download
Free Download LoseThos 8.02

Live CD image so you can test drive or install. The LoseThos 64-bit PC Operating System:
x86_64, preemptive multitasking, multicore, open source, public domain. It's Free! The package was designed to be a toy operating system. LoseThos application was designed to be a toy operating system. Is your home computer a toy or a mainframe? No nanny here - you can clobber your disk blocks or memory if you so desire. Boot your system from the Live CD version and follow the provided instructions.

1. 64-bit x86 kernel with multicore support
2. 64-bit compiler/assembler, nothing is "interpreted"
3. Source files and the command line window can have graphics, links, icons, trees, colors, margins. Everything is seamless and uncluttered. No need for separate resource files.
4. 64-bit pointers. All memory, even more than 4 Gig, can be directly accessed by all tasks on all cores at all times.
5. Highest CPU privileged mode at all times. No off-limits instructions. No time lost changing modes.
6. Switches tasks in half a microsecond.
7. CD/DVD reading and writing, ISO9660 file system
8. 640x480 16 Color VGA graphics
9. Boot loaders for CD-ROM or hard disk
10. Keyboards & mice support
11. Hard Drives, support for FAT32 and LoseThos native file systems with file compression
12. Graphics Library
13. Tools/utilities including profiler
14. Demos and documentation
15. All source code included. Only compiles with the included LoseThos compiler and assembler.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this boot cd software.

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