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  • Date: Nov 04, 2013
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    Contact Management
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Free Download Lognoter 14.3

Lognoter is a software that offers a very efficient solution for Knowledge Management in Technology (KMT), allowing the efficient management of the information generated in the whole project in a collaborative way.

Nowadays, information management is becoming more and more important. Lognoter provides an efficient solution to increase the organization and access to information.

Lognoter organizes information by pages, the objective is to make easier the storage and management of information, such asnotes, documents, forms, thoughts and ideas, and to improve corporative collaboration.

1. Engineering data
2. Formulae
3. Included Web server
4. Page translations
5. Database can be a local file or a remote server

Technical specifications
1. Lognoter can generate automatic reports based in the information stored in the database in multiple formats: * PDF * HTML * Word
2. Page encryption and database encryption
3. Text can be formated and include images, tables, symbols, links...
4. Syncronization between two different Lognoter projects

LogNoter can store textual formatted data, images and files all in the same place. It permits total freedom in the organization of data. Each LogNoter document has a ".wnl" extension.

The information is organized in pages and it is very simple to create Links from one page to any other page. Documents stored inside a project can be executed directly from inside LogNoter, modified and reloaded into the database.

LogNoter makes automatic backups when a modification is done. LogNoter allows the imporation from different formats. Moreover, the program can generate automatic reports based in the information stored in the database in multiple formats (PDF,HTML,Word), throught the use of templates. The possibility of creating templates makes LogNoter a versatile tool for report generation.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this contact management software.

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