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    Email Encryption
LockMagic Download
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LockMagic is an application that encrypts and compresses files on local drive, network shares, flash drive and email attachments. It uses email addresses instead of passwords to let you share and recover encrypted files. LockMagic supports email address from Live ID, HotMail, GMail and Yahoo users that have an Open ID. Yahoo users must create an Open ID for their Yahoo email account and use their OpenID when sharing encrypted files with others.

Here are some of the advantages of LockMagic:
1. No passwords to remember or the need to securely exchange with others. Simply use email addresses of the people you want to share encrypted files with and they can use their LiveID, OpenID, Yahoo or Gmail email-address and password to access the encrypted files.
2. Encrypts your files on flash drive and network shares
3. Enables Mobility of your encrypted files that are accessible from any XP Pro or Vista computer.
4. Encryption technology from the largest software maker
5. Runs from flash drive or network share without installation or administrative privileges.
6. Fully transparent. Create a workspace using LockMagic user-mode file system and all files accessed through the secure workspace are encrypted and compressed before stored in the physical folder.

LockMagic allows users to create a user list that contains a list of email addresses to be applied as a group. This avoids repetitive entry of email addresses. The user list may also contain a set of encryption certificates to be applied to the encrypted files as well.

When you open an encrypted file that you currently don't have access to, the LockMagic application prompts the users to login to the MyLiveKey service using his/her email address that was provisioned on the encrypted file. Once the user successfully signs in to MyLiveKey, the encrypted file is automatically opened.

In order for MyLiveKey to determine your email, it uses the Contacts Services of Live and Gmail. Your consent is required in order for MyLiveKey to lookup your email address from the Contacts Service. MyLiveKey web site doesn't read nor write your contacts information.

The MyLiveKey Service together with the LockMagic software enables you to share and access Windows Encrypted Files using your e-mail address. No passwords to remember or encryption keys to manage.

In order to determine your e-mail address and grant you access, you must first sign in with your Internet identity at Live , Gmail , Yahoo , AOL or Open ID.

You can sign up for a Live ID account using your existing personal or professional email address. This enables other LockMagic users to send encrypted email messages and files to your existing email address without the need to learn about and authorize an additional Internet identity.

* The free version allows you to send encrypted attachments but not the message body.
* The free version doest have the Outlook plugin.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $30.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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