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  • Date: Jun 21, 2010
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Lockfiler is a state-of-the-art encryption tool that simplifies file encryption and decryption and protects your data, while keeping it all easily accessible and manageable. It offers ultimate protection and guaranteed confidentiality by implementing the patented DLDES (Dynamic Linkage Data Encryption System) which specifies a one-way symmetrical encryption algorithm that is virtually unbreakable.

Secure your files with this small tool. LockFiler is a small utility that allows you to secure any kind of file(s) in such a way that accessing a secured file will require a number of authentication steps including a sequence of parameters used while securing the file which is know as "key" in order to restore the File Data.

Lockfiler's Top Features:
The software has been designed to offer maximum security and it is compatible with Windows NT, ME, Server 200x,XP and Vista.

Lockfiler provides simple functionality for starters or advanced users. It supports drag-and-drop file or folder encryption and it is incredibly easy-to-use. Moreover, offers a variety of utilities through which you can:
1. Encrypt all types of files and data, which you can store on any local media (fixed or removable)
2. Encrypt all types of files and data which you can store on any remote media supporting FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
3. Secure your files in traceable or untraceable locations (vaults)
4. Secure files and folders with randomly created or user defined default vault key (for easy access)
5. Secure files with user specified per file key(for maximum security)
6. Secure files and e-mail them anywhere confidentially
7. Drag and Drop a file or folder to secure it
8. LockFiler's Decoder is free of charge and it can be used to decode secured files sent by e-mail once the security key is known.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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