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  • Date: Feb 17, 2010
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LlamaKISS Download
Free Download LlamaKISS 1.1.0

LlamaKISS is a KISS digital video recorder media streaming server, a replacement for the media streaming software known as PC-Link, by Linksys, former KISS Technology. It's used to send videos, music and pictures from a Windows computer to KISS digital video recorders:
1. KISS DP-500
2. KISS DP-508
3. KISS DP-558 (I owned this one myself, R.I.P)
4. KISS DP-600
5. KISS DP-1500
6. KISS DP-1504
7. KISS DP-1600

LlamaKISS Features:
1. Real-time browsing of available media files. No need to add every file/directory like PC-Link.
2. Map multiple paths for each type of media. Virtual drives (DaemonTools), network shares, USB-sticks, floppy drives :).

1. Allow/deny connections by IP address.
2. Allow/deny media streaming by PlayerID.
3. Filter media files by file-extension.

1. Very low memory and CPU usage, using overlapped IO (IoCompletionPort) with worker threads and system cache manager calls (TransmitFile).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this digital video recorder software.

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