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  • Date: Feb 10, 2010
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This lighting controller is suitable for novices and professionals alike. It offers all the manual control of traditional consoles extended over all 512 DMX channels. In addition it has many design features that allow it to handle a wide variety of demanding lighting issues such as chase lighting, synching lighting to music, stage and show control and even timed events. Test drive this program and see how easy it can be to add lighting to your party. A handy and powerful lighting controller.

1. Fader Rack and Output Monitor
The Fader Rack offers full manual control of all DMX channels. The Fader Rack overlays two vertical 16 fader banks (A & B) on top of any of the 32 horizontal banks in the 512 DMX channel array.

2. Cuelists
Cuelists, are quickly captured from your fader settings and form the memories of your scenes or other control events, for instant recall. While Cuelists are not necessary for all operations they are indispensible for complex and quick recall of settings.

3. Command Console
The Command Console can be thought of as a supercharger for the Fader Rack. It greatly extends its power, speed and flexibility with many features for stage, show or other complex DMX control situations.

4. Chase
There are four kinds of chases. 1) Microphone, 2) Cue, 3) Preset and 4) Watch.

5. Submasters
Tab Submaster contains 8 Submasters, each easily labeled and described and each easily swappable to any cue in your cuelist.

6. Cues
Tab Cues is designed to load and run entire cuelists or a specified range of cues within a cuelist.

7. Trigger
Tab Trigger can start and stop your music and control lighting choreography for your music.

8. Patch
Tab Patch has both channel Patch and channel Disable abilities. It allows patching of any and all DMX channels to any other channel (channel 0 excepted).

9. Options
Tab Options allows saving of start-up options and also includes configuration options for both external Microphone and Watch (Remote Computer) operations.

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The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this music mixer software.

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