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Life Manager Pro is personal organizer software that helps you get things done. It is an information organizer that has been influenced by the Getting Things Done method of personal producivity. It ..includes several modules that connect and relate to each other to from a comprehensive system to manage your life.

1. Collect - Collect or capture all the things that you need to do that are in your head.
2. Vision -Do you have a vision for your life? Life Manager Pro helps that vision become your reality.
3. Goals - Life Manager Pro can be used as goal setting software, focusing your mind on what exactly your goals are in all areas of your life.
4. Projects - Life Manager Pro tracks your projects to make it easier to complete them.
5. Actions -Life Manager Pro uses the Getting Things Done approach to actions that simplifies the whole process of finishing actions by allowing you to focus only on the actions that need your attention now.
6. Contacts - Keep a record of all your contacts and the actions that they have done to help you.
7. Calendar - A calendar is an essential tool to organize your life. View your calendar by the month, week or day and quickly see details or all your meetings and appointments that you have today.
8. Resources- Record all your resources and references: your favorite web sites, equipment, references, passwords, financial information etc. An essential life organizer tool.

More Features:
1. 2 versions
Runs on Mac and PC
2. Developed using the Filemaker database system
The Filemaker database system is a robust database solution used by leading industries to control their data needs.
3. 9 Module System
Nine modules: Review, Collect, Calendar, Projects, Vision, Goals, Contacts. Resources
4. Customizable
You can modify Life Manager Pro to suite your way of working. Though there are built in default options, most of these are configurable by the user.
5. Summary at a glance
The review page focuses you on what needs attention now. It also allows you to see all your next actions that need attention.
6. Easy Date Entry
All date fields have a pop up calendar to make entering of dates easy.
7. Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts to save you time on common tasks.
8. Multi View Calendar
View your appointments in monthly, weekly or day view
9. Easily Find Records
Find just the records you need to focus on by using the simple search buttons.
10. Easy printing
Easily print any record
11. One Step back up
To protect your information you can back up Life Manager Pro in seconds.
12. Apple and Iphone Intgration
The Mac version integrates with the Mac Address Book and Ical. It also syncs with the Iphone and Itouch.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49, you can free download and get a free trial.

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