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Lenders ToolBox includes the most essential tools needed by every lender (or borrower, for that matter). A versatile Amortization program that not only computes and prints the "normal" monthly P&I schedules but also allows fixed principal payments plus accrued interest. On-screen options allow you to also produce "balloon" (lump sum) payment schedules whenever desired. Use the included Loan Calculator for quick "what if" scenarios to properly structure any loan request.

Some of the major features include:
1. Compute Amortization Schedules for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payment schedules. Beginning with v9 you can also compute Canadian Mortgage amortization schedules.
2. Calculate "normal" P&I payments, fixed principal payments, or 'balloon' the loan at the end of a specified term for a lump-sum final payment.
3. Interest rates can be "fixed rate" or "variable rate" ... the variable rate option allows you to project a worst-case scenario when calculating the schedule.
4. Interest accruals may be calculated using equal 30 day months (360/360) -OR- exact number of days between payment dates using either a 365/365 or a 365/360 basis.
5. You may set an initial number of scheduled payments "free" of any interest charge -OR- as "interest only" payments.
6. You can include payments for Insurance, Taxes, and Other escrow amounts in the computed schedule.
7. If you wish, you can produce a 'zero-payment' schedule (useful for "bridge" loans) or a 'negative' amortization schedule (accrued interest is added to outstanding principal) - see the Data Input/Options help topic's 'Periodic Payment' field description for details.
8. The improved Amortization Schedule "grid" allows modifications to the individual "scheduled" payments (with an option to "carry forward" the modified values) as well as insertion of "additional" payments and deletion of existing payments. (Use this feature to effect rate changes, reflect non-standard payment amounts, etc. See the Tips for Modifying a Schedule help topic for details.) If you wish, the grid's values can be 'exported' to a tab-delimited text file for later import into a spreadsheet or other third party applications.
9. Report options include printing a payment 'number' next to the payment due date, printing or hiding the annual 'totals' (Calendar Year or Fiscal Year totals), hiding the Insurance/Taxes & Other columns (if empty), and four different "styles" for your printout ... Columnar (no grid), Plain Grid, Fancy Grid (with shaded alternating rows), and a Summary report. In addition, custom header text and user-defined supplemental comments or disclaimers can be included on the printed reports. You can also save these reports to an HTML or PDF file
10. Payment Coupons can be printed for an Amortization Schedule with or without Late Fee information/charges, and the 'layout' is pre-perfed (1 column x 4 rows) paper compatible. A "Ready-to-be-Cut" format is available for easy collation into a payment booklet for your borrower. (Customize the design/layout of the coupons to fit your needs

The included Loan Calculator provides fast ' what if ' calculations to find the perfect loan scenario for your borrower...
1. Compute the payment amount, term, annual interest rate, or original loan amount when you provide any three of the four variables - the 'missing' variable is calculated from your input.
2. Interest rates can be input or calculated using equal 30 day months -OR- exact number of days between payment dates using either a 365/365 or a 365/360 basis.
3. Periodic payments can be input or calculated for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly payments, including Canadian Mortgage options.
4. When the 'best fit' scenario is found you can copy the data from this calculator to the Amortization Data/Schedule tab with the click of a button. Fill in the borrower's name and quickly generate the finished schedule.

The Refinancing Breakeven Calculator provides a fast and easy way to determine the number of months it will take to 'recover' the closing costs and fees incurred when refinancing an existing mortgage or loan.

After installing Lender's ToolBox you should immediately review and modify the program's Preferences (defaults) to "fit" your personal likes and computer system. These "preferences" allow you to customize the program with your name and set various program parameters & "defaults."

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $45.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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