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  • Date: Jun 15, 2009
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LeaguePad is a football (soccer) league management software, that allows you to track track of your favorite leagues and also publish them as a web site on the Internet. The program is primarily designed for soccer fans, but can be used for other sports as well (e.g basketball). It tracks and analyzes sport leagues in full details. You can create your own leagues and/or download leagues from within the software. LeaguePad allows you to generate customizable statistics tables at the league level and for each team, player and referee. Statistics and league types can be customized, to allow support for various types of league/sports combinations (round-robin with or without knock-out stages, Conferences, etc.). In addition, you can define and save custom queries, events and statistics. Additional features include configurable result predictions, one-click website creation and more.
* Track and analyse soccer leagues
* Publish your league data and statistics on your website
* Download league files sent by other LeaguePad users - or create your own leagues!
* Generate hundreds of stats: teams, scorers, streaks, scoring, attendance, referees, fair-play...
* Easily adapt league configuration to other sports like hockey, rugby, basketball...
Now sports fans can keep a tab on all aspects of competitions in full details with LeaguePad. You can analyze team and player strengths and weaknesses, discover trends and perform face-to-face analysis between teams.
LeaguePad allows you to manage your own leagues (like Youth leagues, amateur leagues...) and gives you the flexibility to download league files shared by other users.
The software can be configured to support different types of team sports so many fans can benefit from it. It has many key features like hundreds of configurable statistics tables: scorers, streaks, referees, player nationalities, performance analysis of each team and player.
It has been designed with an easy interface so even generating the files for a complete Web site of your leagues is also very easy. It is also used by club members like the coaches and managers of youth teams to quickly publish competition results and statistics.
Although LeaguePad has been primarily written with football/soccer in mind, the program can be easily adapted to track competitions for almost any kind of sports. If you only need to track scores and league tables, there is no specific adaptation to perform. However if you want to track you sport league more closely, and generate statistics on events and situations specific to your sport, you can make use of the following features.
The heart of LeaguePad is its statistics engine. The following statistics features are grouped according to who or what they apply to. Statistics are made up with ranking of teams, players, referees, scoring trends and patterns, summary of global league data and much more.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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