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  • Version: 4.1.54
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  • Date: Jul 16, 2017
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Free Download LastPass For Firefox 4.1.54

LastPass For Firefox is a free online password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure. LastPass supports IE and Firefox as Plugins (Opera, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Opera Mini via Bookmarklets), allows you to import from every major password storage vendor and export too, captures passwords that other managers won't including many AJAX forms, and allows you to make strong passwords easily. Your sensitive data is encrypted _locally_ before upload so even LastPass cannot get access to it. One Time Passwords & Screen Keyboard help protect your master password.

What makes you better than ...?
1. LastPass allows you to stay synchronized; you'll have access to all your sites and can add new passwords that'll be available on all your computers
2. LastPass catches and supports far more logins than Internet Explorer or Firefox can
3. LastPass has Internet Explorer, Firefox (for Windows/Mac/Linux), Safari version (for Mac), and Google Chrome versions, as well as a website implementation
4. The website implementation allows you to get access to your data on the road
5. LastPass Pocket allows you to access your data on your USB drive, Firefox Portable support for browsing from your USB drive
6. We only support keeping the encryption done on your computer so LastPass can't see your sensitive data
7. LastPass has a Form Fill feature which will save you time; it encrypts your sensitive data locally and available on the website
8. LastPass is far more convenient than existing site information storage programs available
9. LastPass has gone to great lengths to protect your privacy
10. Unlike solutions like OpenID and Microsoft Passport, LastPass works within the way the web works today without relying on others or adoption of a new standard that won't be practical for years, if ever
11. LastPass is completely free for standard use

What happens when is down? Can I still login?
Yes, if you're using the plug-ins. When you login to the Internet Explorer or Firefox plug-in, LastPass downloads and stores your encrypted data. If we're offline you're still able to login in offline mode, but you'll be unable to add or change sites while LastPass is off the air. You still will be able to export your accounts if you're running the plug-in. We have 2 data centers and a lot of experience running web applications so this should be a rare occurrence.

LastPass For Firefox Features:
1. Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one.
2. Automatically fill out forms to save you time
3. Log into your favorite sites with a single click
4. Access and manage your data from multiple computers seamlessly
5. Share logins with friends and let others share logins with you
6. Supports IE as well, so if you switch browsers youre always in sync, as well as when you switch computers
7. Supports importing passwords from other password managers such as Roboform, Keepass, PasswordSafe, MyPasswordSafe, Firefox and IEs built in password manager
8. Exporting your data always available in plugin and website.
9. In windows, helps you recover lost passwords stored on your computer
10. Capture passwords that other password managers will not capture like those done in AJAX logins, and multi-step logins like Bank Of America, and frustrating sites like ING bank.
11. Make moving to a new computer or using multiple computers much easier
12. Works with any platform that has Firefox

You should also uninstall LastPass For Firefox:
* Go to Start -> Program Files -> LastPass -> Uninstall LastPass.
* If you only installed the Firefox plugin (including on a Mac), go to Firefox -> Tools -> Add-ons -> LastPass -> Uninstall.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $12.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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