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  • Date: Jun 24, 2010
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LandlordMax Download
Free Download LandlordMax 6.05c

LandlordMax is the easiest property management software youll find anywhere. Its famous for its amazing simplicity, ease of use, completeness, and scalability. New from LandlordMax, this latest version has been greatly improved in quality and performance. Its the most affordable property management software because it offers unlimited data entry for one low price. Now you can unlock the secret wealth hidden in your real estate portfolio.

When LandlordMax is fully loaded you will see the Workbench. There are two variations of the workbench, the data list view and the entry view.

The workbench is divided into three main areas. The context menu, the workarea menu, and the workarea.

Context Menu: The context menu displays and activates the states which can be utilized for a specified workarea by changing the icons color to orange. In the above image, the possible states and actions are: New, Edit, Save, List, and Print. The data workareas all have similar states while the others (reports, analysis, and extra workareas) are different and will be discussed in the relevant chapters.

Data Item List Workarea: When in the list mode, this area displays a list of all the appropriate items. In the new or edit modes it displays the information specific to the selected data item from the list.

Data Sensitive Context: The data sensitive context displays similar and/or other actions that may be available.

Version Identification: Displays the current version of the software.

Workarea Menu: Displays a list of workareas available. The current workarea the application is in remains highlighted in orange.

Workarea: The location of all information related to a specific item in the workarea menu. This includes the data item list workarea (or the data workarea if a particular data is selected) and the context menu.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $165.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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