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  • Date: Oct 22, 2010
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LanHelper Download
Free Download LanHelper 1.98

LanHelper is a network information scanner, that includes Wake-On-LAN and remote commands to control network machines. It can automatically enumerate your network and gather information including Shares, MAC address, online status, operating system and more. You are provided with options to access the machines , send network messages, reboot the machine, map network drives, exportto XML and more. The remote command execution can also be scheduled, which allows you to perform various administrative tasks automatically. It includes several pre-configured system commands, and you can also use normal command line execution. LanHelper does not require any client installations, however the $Admin share needs to be present and you must have proper access privileges to use the remote execution features.

Key Features:
1. Provide IP scanner & LAN scanner for high speed scanning and quickly collecting machine data, and it's easy to manage the machine data with XML and groups features.
2. Detect computers statuses and find online or offline computers. Automatically update IP or name if it was found to be changed.
3. Monitoring the servers & workstations in your LAN/WAN for availability. Once failure or problem is detected, LanHelper will alert the network administrator immediately, or automatically perform Wake-On-LAN & shutdown actions.
4. Wake-On-LAN. Send "Wake-On-LAN" commands to remote computers. You can easily power on PCs located on other rooms or offices. Schedule and service supported.

5. Shut down or reboot large number of computers in high speed on LAN. Schedule supported.
6. Users management. Batch methods available for fast management.
7. Groups management. Batch methods available for fast management
8. Make the remote computer execute command, run program or open other files.
9. LanHelper Integrated Command, which is especially designed for Remote Execute, provides many useful management functions such as shutdown, lock keyboard, obtain installed software & hardware information. Capture screen or kill process at regular interval, etc.
10. Services management. Batch methods available for fast management
11. Open files management.
12. Sessions management.
13. Send text messages to other users. Provide many batch send methods.
14. Network Interface Card vendor identifier.
15. Realtime logs for most of operations. Greatly helpful for LAN administrators to find and solve network problems.
16. No server program needed. You don't have to install any serve program on remote computers.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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