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  • Date: Nov 18, 2010
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LaTeXDraw Download
Free Download LaTeXDraw 2.0.8 Build 20100314

Generate PSTricks code with this tool. LaTeXDraw is a free PSTricks code generator or PSTricks editor for LateX distributed under the GNU GPL. LaTeXDraw is developed in java, so it's independent of the OS. It's available in English, in Spanish, in French and in German.

For Windows Vista/7 you must use the install_vista.vbs to install LaTeXDraw; this script activates the "run as administrator" feature in order to install files in protected directories such as "Program Files".

1. Shapes
* Rectangle & Square
* Line
* Ellipse & Circle
* B zier curve
* Polygon
* Triangle & Rhombus
* Grid
* Arc
* Point
* Free hand
* Text
* Joined Lines
* Axes

2. Graphicals Features
In this part, we are going to talk about the graphicals features of LaTeXDraw. But before that, we must explain what is a delimitor : it is a purple, green, red, ... square delimiting a selected figure

3. Exportation
LaTeXDraw can export the drawing in several formats with the menu "Export As ..." in the menu "File"
* PSTricks; of course, it is the main goal of the LaTeXDraw Project
* JPG and PNG; thanks to Java
* EPS; thanks to the Project
* BMP and PPM; thanks to the jiu Project
* PDF and PS:

4. Import/Insert
LaTeXDraw can import a PSTricks file : PSTricks commands are translated in figures in a drawing.

5. Drawing Properties
You can change some parameters of your drawing by lauching the parameters frame of the draw with the menu item "Draw Properties" in the menu "Draw".

6. Convert Pictures
LaTeXDraw can now convert pictures from a given format (jpeg|png|wmf|bmp|ppm) to an other one (eps|jpeg|png|ppm) with this frame in "file->Convert Pictures":

7. Template
With LaTeXDraw, you can create templates ; it is figures you have created and you want to save in order to insert them in a future drawing.

8 .Check New Version
LaTeXDraw is able to check new version of the software at the start-up. If there is a new version, a frame, must appeared in order to keep you informed of this new version.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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