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  • Date: Oct 17, 2010
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LSSaver Download
Free Download LSSaver 1.3

LSSaver: Save Your LiveSpace, a simple Windows program to save the LiveSpace blog to your local disk. It saves useful informations such as, blog title, content and comments. In particular, without any banners, links which provide blog functionalities or eye candies. It is able to save the pictures included in the blog to local disk also.

As a Microsoft LiveSpace blog writer, you may want to save your LiveSpace blogs locally if you are worrying about the reliability of LiveSpace or you want to reassemble the blogs you've written during years together, reedit them to make a book. In this case, you will need LSSaver.

LSSaver is very simple to use, everything is shown on the main window after LSSaver is launched.
First, you need to enter a MS LiveSpace username if you have ever selected your own LiveSpace URL.
Then, you click on the Get button to retrive all blog entries, when a blog entry is retrieved, it's title will appear in the tree which is the left part of the window.
Wait until all titles are trieved. Then you can browse your blog titles by fold/unfold tree, check those you want to save. Once a blog entry is checked, it's content
will appear on the right part of the window, check all blogs you want to save and wait until all of them appear, then we are ready to save them.
To save the selected blogs, you simply click the Save button, a file selection window will open, select where the files will be saved and give a file name and click
the Save button on the window, after a while, all the selected blogs are saved. The saved file is a HTML file, you can open it with a browser.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this blog software.

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