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LMusix creates complex multi-layered 'self-similar' musical structures using a context-free deterministic character-based Lindenmayer System (or L-System for short). The character-elements of the L-System are assigned musical themes, transformations, and textures. During recursive generation of the L-System, 'textures' are used to control the creation of individual instrumental parts. Parts can be created at different structure 'levels' and with different melodic and harmonic couplings producing related horizontal and vertical music structures.
LMusix consists of an L-System production system and a MIDI theme editor, and generates parts for up to16 MIDI instruments.

LMusix Features:
1. Complete production system for a context-free deterministic character-based L-System. Specify or create random starting strings and production rules for over 40 production variables.
2. Assign musical themes, transformations, and instrumental-textures to each of the L-System production variables.
3. Create thematic material using the in-program editor or import from MIDI files. Several random theme generators are provided.
4. Recursively generate and syncronize up to 8 structural layers.
5. Create instrumental parts from different recursion levels using different melodic or harmonic couplings.
6. Compose up to 20,000 measures for 1 to 16 instruments.
7. Save as LMusix project or MIDI Format 1 file.
8. Numerous randomization options to facilitate rapid experimentation.
9. User Manual covering L-System theory and program information.
10. [Extra] Includes a separate graphics program for rendering images from L-System output strings containing 'turtle-graphics' drawing commands.

Character-based Lindenmayer Systems (L-Systems) are theoretical constructs that generate 'families' of self-similar character sequences using a relatively simple recursive process. The ability to create 'self-similar' structures from a simple process makes L-Systems an attractive option for fractal music composition.

L-Systems were originally introduced, by biologist Aristid Lindenmayer in 1968, as a means to study development of simple organisms. The technique was later extended to the morphological development of higher level plants with an emphasis on computer representation and generation of plant structures.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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