LL2MP3 (Flac & Ape to MP3 converter)

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  • Date: Jan 25, 2011
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LL2MP3 (Flac & Ape to MP3 converter) Download
Free Download LL2MP3 (Flac & Ape to MP3 converter)

This free frontend combines a FLAC to MP3 converter with an APE to MP3 converter. The tags present in the lossless audio files are transferred to MP3 files. LL2MP3 is a lossless (FLAC - APE - WAV) to MP3 converter.

Converting FLAC (= Free Lossless Audio Compression), APE (= MAC: Monkey's Audio Compression), and WAV audio files to MP3 (including tags) is easy with this frontend. The frontend is a recursive version, meaning that it processes all files and all of the subdirectories of all the directories dropped onto the program. You can also start multiple instances, which is useful if you have a multi-core system.

Note that the frontend uses existing codecs:
1. lame.exe (always)
2. FLAC.exe & metaflac.exe (for FLAC with tags transfer)
3. mac.exe (for APE with tags transfer)

Drop flac or ape files or directories containing these types of lossless audio files on the application and it will convert them to MP3, keeping the tags. In addition, LL2MP3 relies on existing codecs that are available free of cost.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this audio converter software.

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