King Wars

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  • Date: Feb 09, 2010
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    Chess Games
King Wars Download
Free Download King Wars 1.0

King Wars is a network chess game only for two players. This game can be played through internet, but I recommend through some VPN (Virtual Private Network) for example Hamachi. In game are programmed all official chess rules, various settings for displaying chessboard and communication between players is encrypted.

In King Wars are programmed all chess rules. Including chessmate, stalemate, castling, en passant, situations for draw etc... Pawn can be promoted to piece of your choice.

In the game you can limit maximum duration of each move or you can set time limit for all moves of each player. These settings set player who created server. He can also set method for selecting the colors for players. Automatic color selection or player on server choose the colors. Automatic color selection in first play chooses randomly color for each player and in next plays the colors are exchanged between the players.

You can set colors for chessboard, enable or disable displaying move hints, enable or disable displaying threat hints, enable or disable displaying last move, or chess notation, enable or disable displaying captured pieces (and points for them), enable or disable animations of pieces movement etc...

You can save an open chess play and later return to this play. You can save the history of moves to standard PGN (Portable Game Notation) format. In game is also included chat for communication with your opponent.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this chess game software.

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