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The KilletSoft freeware program CONVERT converts dBase, CSV, SDF and MySQL data bases to the required data formats and character sets. The freeware program CONVERT from KilletSoft converts data files to other data formats and character sets. For the import in MySQL or SQL databases the 'CREATE TABLE' script can be generated. Thus the import of the data in any data base management system or file system will be possible.

With the program for example you can convert dBase data into the SDF format (Simple Document Format) or into the CSV format (Comma Separated Value). For the input and output files character sets can be selected as ANSI (Windows), ASCII / OEM, Unicode and UTF8. For the import in MySQL or SQL data bases the necessary "CREATE TABLE" script can be generated.

1. Record selecting and data sorting possible.
2. Programm can be started by click on associated files.
3. Processing of files larger than 4.6 GigaByte.
4. Program control from the command line and from the user interface.
5. Character sets ANSI, ASCII, UTF8 and Unicode.

Further the selection of the data on data fields and data records is possible. In addition the data can be sorted on base of the data fields. Data from several files can be joined to a common file. A help file contains global information about the program in form of a program intern electronic manual. The Englisch or German language help can be called with the "Help" button while the program is running. Normally you must select only the data format you need. The usually common parameters are already preset.

Convertions between this data formats are possible:
1. CSV (Comma Separated Value)
2. SDF (Simple Document Format)
3. dBase (Borlands data base format)

Convertions between this character sets are possible:
1. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) [single byte WINDOWS standard]
2. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) [single byte character set]
3. UTF8 (Unicode Transformation Format) [multi byte character set]
4. Unicode (Universal Character Set) [double byte character set]

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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