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Kaspersky KryptoStorage is a system for the cryptographic protection of confidential data stored on PC from unauthorized access.

The application is intended to protect the user's confidential data against unauthorized access and to prevent data leakage when the operating system saves system information to disk or when the user's files are not wiped.

Transparent encryption is used to encrypt information.

The transparent encryption is a mechanism which enables the storage of information in the encrypted form inside of a protected object. The protected data is processed in the following way: the data is automatically decrypted in RAM when requested and the uploaded data is encrypted. Data is encrypted with the 128-bit AES algorithm. The algorithm is approved by the international cryptography community and represents a cryptographic standard. AES is approved by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) PUB 197 26.11.2001).

Protecting Data With the application you can:
1. create single protected NTFS virtual folders to store confidential data;
2. create protected virtual volumes (the protected containers) to store confidential data;
3. protect all data on disk volumes, including the system and the boot volumes, on Flash drives, and other USB Mass Storage devices;

The protection of system disk allows you to keep the following confidential:
1. RAM contents which are saved to a hard disk when the system hibernates;
2. crash dump data which is saved to a hard disk when a fatal error occurs;
3. data of temporary files and swap files.
4. Handling protected data

Kaspersky KryptoStorage is a system for the cryptographic protection of confidential data stored on PC from unauthorized access. Transparent encryption is used to encrypt information. Data is encrypted with the AES algorithm. To access the protected information, the password authorization is used.

With the Kaspersky KryptoStorage, you can:
1. delimit access to protected information using password authorization;
2. store protected objects inside other protected objects with any nesting depth;
3. prevent accidental or intended deletion of protected objects by limiting access to these objects;
4. use protected folders, containers and volumes which are located on the user's computer;
5. move protected objects together with the physical carrier to another computer where Kaspersky KryptoStorage is installed. At the same time the objects can be used;
6. wipe files and folders.

Kaspersky KryptoStorage Features:
1. Unparalleled protection for your data:
Kaspersky KryptoStorage ensures that your encrypted data stays confidential in the event of malware attacks, unsecure WiFi connections and even if your laptop or storage device is lost or stolen. Whatever the threat, your personal data remains securely protected against unauthorized access.

2. Encrypt folders and disk partitions to prevent the theft of valuable data:
With Kaspersky KryptoStorage, you can lock your valuable data away in digital containers, protected by the powerful AES-128 strong encryption algorithm. Kaspersky KryptoStorage prevents unauthorized access to your encrypted data.

3. Add new files to your digital containers at anytime and transfer them quickly and easily to removable storage media or other computers:
Once you have created a digital container or an encrypted folder, you can add new files to it at any time you wish. You can copy or move the container itself to a removable storage device or another computer, or even send it via email.

4. Encrypt data "on the fly" and retain full access to the encrypted data:
Once you open the encrypted folder, disk or digital container using your password, you can confidently work with the encrypted data knowing that it is completely inaccessible to cybercriminals.

5. Restrict access to your encrypted data and protect it from modification or deletion:
The encrypted objects are password-protected, so no-one will be able to access or corrupt your data or delete the files you need. Your data is also safe from rogue encryption attacks designed to extort money from the user.

6. Permanently delete files or folders from your computer:
A conventionally deleted file can easily be restored. In the case of a lost or stolen laptop or drive this can leave your confidential information vulnerable. Kaspersky KryptoStorage will permanently delete a file, making recovery absolutely impossible.

7. Use state-of-the-art encryption technology:
Now you dont have to be an IT wizard to encrypt your valuable information. Kaspersky KryptoStorage takes the hard work out of protecting your personal data.

Product Highlights:
1. Encrypts folders and disk partitions to prevent data theft
2. New files can be added to encrypted folders or containers at any time
3. Containers can be transferred to other storage media and computers
4. Encrypts data "on the fly" with full access to the encrypted information
5. Limits access to data to prevent unauthorized modification or removal
6. Uses AES-128 algorithm for strong encryption
7. Allows data to be permanently deleted
8. Fully Compatible with Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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